* Bid Bulletin Board

Job NameBid Due DateSub-Contractors Due DateAddendum(s) Issued
Pond Control Measures at IMB06/13/18 @ 3:00 PM06/12/18
Minor Water Control Structure Repairs06/13/18 @ 2:00 PM06/12/18
IFAS Bldg. Fire Service Line06/14/18 @ 10am06/13/18 @ 10am
Orange Tree Wastewater Clarifier No. 2 Repairs and Rehab.06/15/18 @ 3pm06/14/18 @ 3pm
WRF Improvements, UV Electrical Building06/18/18 @ 2:00 PM06/17/18
Master Pump Station 30606/25/18 @ 3pm06/22/18 @ 3pm
Tamiami Well 18 Generator Replacement06/27/18 @ 3pm06/26/18 @ 3pm
Rye Road Functional Improvements and Master Lift Station06/29/18 @ 3:00 PM06/28/18
Generator NESHAP Compliance Improvements07/05/18 @ 3pm07/3/18 @ 3pm

Welcome To Our Company

Founded in 1966 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Douglas N. Higgins, Inc. has been dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services available in the underground utility and municipal infrastructure industry.

For over four decades, Douglas N. Higgins, Inc. has completed large scale projects well beyond the capabilities of firms similar in size. This is credited to the highly efficient, goal oriented culture that has been fostered in this family owned enterprise. In 1981 the Higgins family expanded business to the great state of Florida where, after nearly three decades of service, it is now regarded as one of the top underground utility contractors in South Florida. In 1989 the Naples office was established, and for the last 20 years, Douglas N. Higgins, Inc. has successfully completed projects ranging from minor repairs to full scale treatment facility construction.

With an exceptional project management and administrative team backed up by highly skilled and experienced field personnel, clients of Douglas N. Higgins, Inc. enjoy the confidence of working with one of the finest utility contractors in the region. No matter what challenges lie ahead, Douglas N. Higgins, Inc. will faithfully serve the community as it is called upon, and will continue forging a legacy of success.